Six blog posts every HR person and business owner should read

Three excellent reads.
Three excellent reads.

I have an admission to make. I enjoy reading what lawyers write. Not all of them, but three lawyers in particular. They make this “lawyer stuff” interesting. I read many more than these three, but they in particular make it fun. I have selected two posts from each lawyer that I think present information that everyone in HR and anyone that owns a small business should read.

Eric B. Meyer

First up is Eric B. Meyer, who writes The Employer Handbook. Eric has a way of adding a bit of snark into his posts that make them a bit more fun. He also finds some off-the-wall situations to write about. He always has a valuable lesson in each of his posts that everyone needs to heed. In the first post is the tale of a company who had an employee out for breast cancer surgery. Upon her return the employer wanted to see the scars to make sure she was healed. Yes, you read that right! Was this a good practice or an outlandish request? To find the answer read Booby scars, or don’t return from FMLA!
Eric’s second post dealt with a subject that many HR managers have wondered. Can HR be fired for taking the employee’s side in a discrimination or harassment lawsuit? HR helped an employee win a lawsuit against the employer. The HR rep got fired? Can the company do that? Think about what your answer would be and then read Can a company fire its HR Manager for taking the employee’s side in a discrimination complaint? I learned something, I am sure you will too.

Jon Hyman

Jon Hyman writes the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, but his advice and counsel extends beyond Ohio. Over the years I have found his insight to be particularly good on a wide variety of subjects that impact companies on a daily basis. In the first post from Jon he tackles the ever-increasingly sticky issue of whether employees are protected by the NLRA. In this particular post we find that “concerted activity” need not be concerted to be protected. Read Even lone-wolf activity is concerted, according to NLRB.
Jon’s second post is important reading for anyone that has a government contract. Did you know there is a website called Well there is and Jon points out the Retaliation Alphabet Soup we should pay attention to.

Jeff Nowak

The third attorney I love to read is found at FMLA Insights. Jeff Nowak tackles the often confusing arena of dealing with the Family Medical Leave Act. I learn something every time I read his posts. In Need To Investigate Employee Misconduct While the Employee is on FMLA Leave? Follow This Employer’s Lead Jeff provides with some good guidance on what to do when an employee has to be investigated while on leave.
In the second post Jeff gives us some insight into what the DOL and the EEOC will be approaching the FMLA in the future. It is always good to be aware.
Thanks Eric, Jon and Jeff for being such good resources and very readable lawyers.

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