3 Employee Perks That Make the Office a Better Place

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When it comes to finding the best talent, employee perks are often one of the first things (behind pay) that potential candidates consider. Whether it’s offering the latest technology or having flexible vacation policies, candidates want to work somewhere that offers a unique set of perks.

Flexible Vacation Days Leads to Increased Morale and Higher Productivity

Today’s new vacation policies are taking the modern workplace by storm. Successful businesses like Prezi, Virgin Airlines, Chegg, Netflix and Factual allow their employees to take vacations without counting or logging the days. It sounds crazy, but surprisingly, it works. Cary Cooper, a professor of organizational psychology at Lancaster University, tells Forbes that the more you work, the less productive you are. This policy can help your team recharge and, ultimately, become more productive at work.
However, make sure your team knows that having a flexible vacation policy doesn’t mean they can take half of the year off. In some cases, time off may need to be approved by HR. Regardless, this perk can make employees feel happier at work, which leads to increased productivity and higher office morale.
Additionally, this benefit can be used as a recruiting tool. Luis Rodriguez, director of people and HR at The Ladders, says the benefit is attractive to new hires.

New Tech Keeps Staff Loyal and Engaged

It may seem smart to keep using your outdated PCs and BlackBerry devices to save money; however, outdated technology can increase your costs relating to security, data loss and employee productivity. If it has been awhile since you last updated the office technology, it’s time for a change.
The Global Evolving Workforce survey found one-quarter of employees would take a new position because of the technology the position offers. Today, employees are demanding the best and the latest technology at work. This is because more than 75 percent of the employees surveyed believe technology influences their productivity.
Keep your best people actively engaged and productive by offering the latest technology. A smartphone  is an essential tool that can help your staff get work done in the office and on the go. And with a reliable carrier, you can rest assured that your employees won’t have to wait on a slow network, making business more productive.

Saying Thank You Encourages Employee Achievement

Most people don’t say thank you as often as they should. Whether it’s due to their busy work schedules or just an oversight, many people who deserve thanks and praise go unnoticed and uncelebrated. According to a survey conducted by the John Templeton Foundation, only 10 percent say thank you to a colleague on a daily basis. And the workplace ranks last among places where gratitude is expressed.
As an HR leader, you can turn this trend in a new direction by thanking your staff. The Wall Street Journal reports that people who feel appreciated are more loyal and productive than those who don’t. Start small by saying thanks more often. Then, on a weekly or monthly basis, say thank you to a staff member by surprising them with a gift basket or a gift card. These small perks can do big things for your business.

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  1. Great post, Mike! My company offers unlimited vacation days and it’s one of my absolute favorite perks. The idea is that if you’re doing your job well and know how to plan, you’re free to take off the days you need.

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