3 HR-Approved Gifts to Give Expectant Employees

Embrace the new status of your employee, it will work in your favor.
Embrace the new status of your employee, it will work in your favor.

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Forty-seven percent of working women are afraid to tell their boss they’re pregnant, according to a poll by Care.com. The poll didn’t reveal men’s workplace anxiety about becoming fathers, but there are plenty of reasons why expectant parents of both genders might be stressed — including fears about being good parents and juggling work and family. Show your expectant employees you want to support their new journey by giving them an HR-approved gift that helps ease the transition into parenthood.


Swaddling blankets have been around in some form or another for centuries as a means to soothe infants and help them sleep longer. An infant’s Moro reflex (also known as a startle reflex) will often send their arms and legs flying during sleep, startling them awake. Swaddling can help prevent this from happening and encourages a more restful night’s sleep for both baby and parents.
Browse SwaddleDesigns.com for swaddles in fun prints and patterns for boys and girls as well as gender-neutral gift ideas. Their swaddle blankets are the only ones to include instructions sewn directly to the edge of the blanket, to make proper swaddling as easy as possible.

Restaurant Gift Cards

Give overwhelmed parents the gift of food and an hour or two of precious time with a gift card. Sleepless parents are usually too tired to cook and may resort to processed frozen dinners and snacks instead. A gift card can give them an option for take-out, a deserved evening out, or just a chance to have someone else wait on them for a change. Choose either a healthy or universal option where anyone from a vegetarian to a burger lover can find something to enjoy.
Nursing logistics or new-parent worries may mean that leaving their little bundle behind with a sitter is out of the question, so consider this when choosing the restaurant. Pick a restaurant gift card for a kid-friendly restaurant where babies are welcome and patrons won’t mind a few cries. To help you narrow down choices, look through GiftCards.com for ideas.

Spa Gift Certificate

New parents don’t have time for much of anything but baby feeding, diaper duty, baths, doctor’s appointments, work and trying to get in a few hours of sleep. Remind your expectant employees to take care of themselves and carve out time to recuperate and unwind. Choose a spa gift certificate and let them choose from a massage, facial, manicure or other treatment.
New parents may want to bring their infant with them or be concerned about oils and other products used at a spa. Look for a reputable company or spa that caters to expectant and new mothers to accommodate any concerns. Prenatal-focused spas even use special massage tables for pregnant women, pregnancy yoga classes and all-natural facials. Look through Spafinder.com to find a prenatal spa in your area. Remind your employee to leave their stress at the spa and ease back into work when they’re ready. The more your staff feels your support, the more they’ll value their job.

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