HR in the 21st Century: Make Life Easier for Your Employees

Making life easier for your employees
Making life easier for your employees

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When it comes to keeping your employees happy, bi-monthly potlucks and a warm pot of morning coffee just won’t cut it anymore — especially if you’re staffed with a group of millennials (and most companies are or will be soon, as millennials are slated to take over a majority of the workforce this year, according to the Pew Research Center). says most HR departments are unprepared to meet millennials’ expectations. Show your company you know how to stay ahead of the curve by digging in and examining exactly how you can keep your younger employees happy (and retain them longer). Here are four ways you should be making your millennial employees feel on an ongoing basis to keep satisfaction high and make their lives a little easier.

Make Them Feel Safe

From paying bills to online shopping, millennials do just about everything on the web. Many aren’t yet concerned about identity theft, but they should be. Identity fraud hits a new victim every two seconds, according to a recent Javelin Strategy and Research report. Consider incorporating LifeLock Business Solutions into your employee benefits packages. Not only do they give your employees peace of mind knowing they’re safe at work, but they also benefit the company by protecting assets against possible breaches.

Challenge Them

Employees are happy when they are presented with a clear outline of their path to growth within a company. According to a Forbes article, aptly titled “No Career Path, No Retention,” visibility is one of the most important aspects of this goal, and managers may not be the best people to provide this insight. Why? Because managers often have weak skills in career discussions and mentoring. Forbes suggests tapping into data aggregation technologies that can provide information about internal roles, skills and locations to empower your employees to map their own dynamic career paths. Welcome to 21st century HR.

Ask Them for Feedback

Nowadays there are so many more tools available to make our lives in HR easier. So why not promote tools that can help make your employees’ jobs easier? suggests testing out apps and services for your employees. If something doesn’t work, no problem! It’s on to the next one. Ask around for suggestions and show genuine interest in employees who have ideas on tools or tricks that work for them personally. Crowdsourcing is your friend in this case. Your employees will always be grateful when they know you’re going out of your way to make their lives easier inside and outside of the workplace.

Make Them Feel Relaxed

Most employees face stress at their jobs every day, and there isn’t always the opportunity for you to lessen it. One thing you can help organize and control are the services like payroll, insurance, employee handbook guidelines, tax information, etc. If these are all located in different places, it can be the ultimate struggle to find important information. Make it easy on your employees by aggregating everything in one easy-to-find location. You may want to consider using Zenefits or a similar service to help you streamline this process.

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