All-Star Startup Team: 4 Must-Fill Positions

Four essential positions in every start-up
Four essential positions in every start-up

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Maintaining a successful startup is a tricky venture. More than nine out of every 10 startups will eventually fail — 93 percent of them to be exact, according to Business insider. There are dozens of factors as to why some startups succeed and most don’t, and there are thousands of articles written on the matter.
But one of the biggest make-or-break moves for startups is hiring the right people on day one. Since small companies start with a limited number of people to help build from the ground up, it is crucial to have the right players on your team in the beginning. outlines 10 types of people who can kill your startup, and while personality type is very important, finding specific skill sets is also key for early success.

The Social Media Wizard

Social media is no longer the entry-level role it once was. Online presence for a small business is huge and there is an element to social media you can’t learn in the classroom — meaning it takes a skilled, motivated millennial to execute the task.
Social media is forcing positive change in the business landscape from content marketing all the way up to how CEOs make decisions, according to Forbes. Focus on hiring someone who has the technical know-how in social media tools like Hootsuite, but more importantly has the personality and right feel for the industry to publicly represent your brand in the social forum.

The Web Dev Guru

Traditional IT departments are going the way of the dodo bird, and startups don’t have the need or budget for them anymore. With so much of the industry moving to the cloud, all you need (at least at first) is one developer who wears as many hats as possible.
This person will build and maintain the company website and act as IT support for the office. Assuming your startup has less than 25 employees, this should be manageable for one employee. Pick the right man or woman, and this could be your most-tenured team member in a few years.

The Inspirational Leader

You might know how to run the x’s and o’s on paper, but it takes a true motivator to unify the team. Be honest with yourself about whether or not you can be this person, because assuming the role without the talent could be the end of your company. This person will be a manager second and a leader first. He or she will ensure morale is high among employees, which might be one of the biggest factors in creating a positive company culture.

The Creative Writer

All companies in all industries rely on good content to sell. Whether it’s social media, blogging, print advertising, or product marketing, without a good writer, you can’t convey your startup’s message to the world. This writer will be more than someone who puts words on paper, you can hire interns for that. This person will be in tune with your brand and maybe even have a hand in developing it too.
Find someone who challenges your ideas about what looks best and thinks outside of the box regarding new and exciting content to keep your message fresh.

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