Millennials may not be the radicals you think

Millennials may not be the rebels people think.
Millennials may not be the rebels people think.

A recent LinkedIn survey showed that Millennials may not be the radical employees that everyone keeps talking about. Here are some of the findings.

  • Despite the image we have of the under 30 crowd Millennials may be better dressed than their predecessors in Gen X. Eleven percent wear suits or “career” clothing compared to just 5% of Gen X. Many of them, over one-third, say they wear this clothing to make them feel more professional. Only 25% of Gen Xers say this.
  • Despite the image of being hard to deal with, more that 60% of Millennials actually consider themselves to be agreeable and see themselves as “yes” people. Twenty five percent will agree with the boss even if they feel there is a better way to do something. Only one-tenth of Gen Xers will do this.

Those two factors definitely paint a different picture than what many of have heard about Millennials. There is one other factor, however, that does live up to the billing of Millennials being a different ‘animal’ in the workplace. If you don’t offer them the kind of work that is going to engage them they will leave your employment in as little as 29 days. As an employer you have to make a good impression pretty quick.
Don’t blow it.
Source: Alexia Elejaide-Ruiz, Chicago Tribune
Photo credit: Stockimages

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