One easy step to solving your cross-functional problems

Excellent advice from Tom Peters.
Excellent advice from Tom Peters.

Being in HR can potentially be an isolating experience, if you let it. As a result of this isolation problems of communication can develop resulting in work not getting done, goals not being achieved or solutions not being developed.
Management guru Tom Peters offers a simple solution to this. He says DO LUNCH. In his book The Little BIG Things he suggests…. No, he demands that you devote a minimum of FIVE lunches per month to dining with folks in other functions.

May be tough

HR is sometimes looked at with suspicion. An invitation to lunch may induce a bit of paranoia in your potential guest. So be honest with them when you invite them. Peters suggests you tell them you are tired of the botched communications and lost opportunities – and you are determined for both your sakes to develop a …. “BIG-ACTIVIST-INTIMATE NETWORK across the organization.”
You may find that the invitee has more in common with you than you thought and may have some of the same issues you have. Even if you don’t solve problems you may be establishing a new relationship; you may strength an old relationship; or you may uncover something you were not aware of in the past.
Don’t ignore the opportunity to reach out to someone different each week. After all you are supposed to be the “people person”, take advantage of it.
Made that first lunch appointment yet? Do it!
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