Want to increase productivity and wellness in one easy step?

Improve health and productivity with a stand up desk.
Improve health and productivity with a stand up desk.

Wouldn’t you love to have one easy way to increase employee productivity and employee wellness all at one time? You would be a hero to your management. Want to know what the secret is? Keep reading.

Change the furniture

A study performed by the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health found that children who had standing desks had a greater engagement with the tasks they were doing. In fact they were 12% more engaged giving them an additional 7 minutes per hour of engaged instruction time. Wouldn’t you love to have an additional 7% of engaged work effort from your employees?
What they did was provide standing desks with a stool that allowed the students to sit or stand as they desired. The research was based on previous work that showed that “physical activity, even at low levels, may have beneficial effects on cognitive ability.” An additional study I read showed that this type of arrangement was especially helpful with children who were hyperactive. Well we have adult workers who are in the same boat. Ever had an employee who can’t seem to sit still at their desk? This might be a solution to getting them to be engaged. They don’t have to get up and move around, the act of standing to work may take care of some of that hyperactivity. “Standing workstations reduce disruptive behavior problems and increase students’ attention or academic behavioral engagement by providing students with a different method for completing academic tasks (like standing) that breaks up the monotony of seated work,” one of the researchers said.

An additional benefit

The Texas A&M researchers have also found that children who stand burn 15% more calories than those that sit; this increases to 25% for obese children. Shouldn’t a similar solution in the workplace also work for adults? This has potential for increasing wellness without putting any exercise program in place or paying people for weight loss programs.
Between an increase in productivity and an improvement in employees’ health the ROI on replacing desks with standing desks should be pretty good. Anyone for considering a pilot study in their organization?
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