A key to creativity

Creativity stems from an educated and prepared mind.
Creativity stems from an educated and prepared mind.

I came across this tidbit in an article called Five Habits of Creative People written by Art Markman in Fast Company. The whole article is a great one but I felt this one comment was very powerful. I thought it was a great way to start the week.

A key to creativity is to pursue knowledge without a sense of whether it will be relevant in the future. Too often, people assume that they can judge in advance what they need to understand and what they do not. Instead, creative people build up their knowledge base so that they will be ready for the opportunities that come later.

This means you need to be a reader and a learner. If you say you have no time to read then you are basically dooming yourself to a life with no creativity. Louis Pasteur once said “Chance favors the prepared mind.
“Nuff” said.

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