Future Friday: Adjusting to a life of Smart Tech

Devices will attuned to us in the future
Devices will attuned to us in the future

I have several times in the past envisioned a future for HR departments where robots and smart technology will replace HR professionals who are transactional in nature. I have said that I can foresee an HR department where the walls can identify and talk to any employee who walks through the door.

Smart Tech

Author and futurist James Canton in his book Future Smart talks about the move from “dumb tech” to “smart tech.” Here is an excerpt from his book I want you to think about:

Let’s get back to this point that will be a gigantic shift in technology’s evolution and impact on humans: instead of doing all the work to get tech to understand us humans, tech will know, sense, and be aware of our needs, goals and desires and then enable us to realize our goals, fulfill those needs, and satisfy our desires….. If you wrap your head around this idea – that predictive Smart Machines will adapt to you – then you will begin to see the future differently. Every device, car, house, surface, product, …. Everything starts to Get Smart and notices you going from dumb to smart. When this shifts – and it is starting now – walls will have ears, cars will have personalities, and technology will wake up to pay attention to us.”

This statement makes my smart HR department sound not so far-fetched. There will be many such opportunities, as of yet unknown, for smart tech to impact us in HR. How we will deal with it will depend on our receptivity to it and/or our resistance to it.
One thing is clear; it will impact our lives and that of our employees. It is just a matter of time and it is better to be prepared for it and manage it rather than to get caught unaware of it.

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