An Opinion: What is the big deal about Women in management?

My opinion on women in management
My opinion on women in management

This is an opinion piece. So if you don’t like my opinions don’t read this.
I just read an article asking the question Should More Women in the Workplace be a Requirement? The author quotes German law where companies are required to have women in 30% of their supervisory and managerial positions. He asks if this is something that should be required in the United States. His opinion is “no.”

My Opinion

Before I give you my answer let me give you some background. I am a guy. I have been all my life. I can say with assurance no one has ever questioned that about me. I have had men as bosses and I have had women as bosses. Through my career I have never associated a particular sex as being the “stuff” that makes a boss. I have had good and bad with both sexes. To me it has never made any difference. I want capable, intelligent, fair yet firm, well-spoken people to provide my company with the leadership necessary for everyone to have a chance to be successful. To me petty and incompetent is not related to the physical equipment someone carries.
That being said, I agree with the author of the article. I do not think it is the government’s place to mandate this. We already have that pseudo-mandate in place with affirmative action plans. It is not that I don’t want women hired as bosses. I would actually like to see more, I think it is smart business. I do not want MORE regulations. That is bad for business.
The way to overcome this situation is to make it more appealing to women early on to aspire to managerial positions, in school, when they are young. Teach boys that it is ok for a girl to be the boss. Teach them all that being the boss is about being capable and not about what sex they are. Perhaps as a result this will no longer be an issue. It is up to you as a parent, a teacher and a mentor.

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