Future Friday: Texting as the new HR tool

Texting is the new HR tool.
Texting is the new HR tool.

If you are in HR or business management do you use a text message as a tool to communicate to, engage with and recruit your employees or potential employees? If you are not you may want to rethink that. Studies show that teens send sixty (60) or more text messages a day. Yeah, but those are teens, you say. You know what? Those are your future employees.

A multifaceted tool

Texting today is becoming a versatile tool for the HR professional. In a time when more than 87% of the world’s population has a cell phone with texting capabilities it is foolish to ignore this tool, given that many phone plans have free texting. So what can you use this tool for?

Simple notification

Texting may be the quickest and simplest way to convey a quick message to employees. For example the weather has made it impossible to come to work and you want to let employees know they can stay home. In the “olden days” you would let the local radio station or TV station know that you were closed for business. Today you send out a “blast” text message. Since many employees, especially Millennials, check their phones as soon as they wake up your mission is accomplished. This is a good way to notify customers as well in a business like day care.


In an era where fewer and fewer people are checking email the text message has now become the defacto communication channel for many people. Many people will go days without checking email. Few can resist looking at the text message that just appeared. On many smart phones you can send multimedia messages and include pictures, recordings and memos. If you want responses from employees this might be a good route.


You might not think of texting as a recruiting tool, but it has become one. According to JobVite over 51% of people looking for jobs are already employed. Taking a call or checking personal email at work can be problematic for some people. Taking a text message is much easier and discreet. It has so much potential in the recruiting arena that TextRecruit has been created to provide a platform for reaching candidates via text messages. They claim that:

  • 86% of Job seekers use their mobile device to search for a job
  • 97% of all text messages are read with 90% of all text messages are read in less than 3 minutes
  • 30% of all potential candidates will respond to a company’s text message / reach out

Those numbers are so convincing that the company iCIMS has incorporated TextRecruit into their HRMS.

Limber up your fingers

It is unlikely that texting is going away. It was a fad that became a trend that has now developed into a megatrend. It will significantly alter how we communicate with Millennials, and most likely the generation beyond them, so figure out how you can use this tool to your advantage.
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