Future Friday: Statement of the Obvious?

Is the future of work for Millennials obvious?
Is the future of work for Millennials obvious?

I came across an article entitled WHY MILLENNIALS UNDERSTAND THE FUTURE OF WORK BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. I suggest you read it. It is brief and does help understand a segment of the current and growing workforce. As I read the article in Fast Company it also struck me as a statement of the obvious.

What do I mean?

First, before I explain I want to make it clear that I am a big believer in freelancing. I have basically made my career doing that. So I understand that process and mindset. I truly believe that many of the Millennials will be freelance employees.
Given that, to make a statement like “Millennials understand the future or work better than anyone else” is stating the obvious. Of course they do, they are the future workforce and will eventually run the future workforce. According to the article 38% of Millennials are currently freelancers.
But then I started thinking, maybe it is not so obvious. Do they really understand the future of the work or just the way they would like to work? Are they going to be able to engineer the current model of work sufficiently to radically change things to a new model? Do Millennials freelance as a result of desire or circumstances? As they age and marry and take on mortgages will economic pressures force them to abandon freelancing? How the future of work develops will depend on how they adapt to these pressures.

The future of work is a battleship

There is a saying about flexibility and speed that says “you can’t turn a battleship on a dime.” The future of work to me is currently a battleship. The forces of big government, big business, big economics all conspire to make that battleship very hard to turn. So it remains to be seen how well a new generation will be able to alter things. Will they be able to get the battleship to turn course? Will the world of work be radically different in 2025 (a short 10 years away)? Will 80% of the Millennials be freelancing?
Part of the answer to this is based upon how you think. Whichever way you think you need to prepare to embrace that future. Indeed you may understand the future of your work better than anyone else because it is your future.

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