Worried about being a “bossy women”? Get over it!

Many women have problems with being seen as "bossy."
Many women have problems with being seen as “bossy.”

As I was flipping through some of my news feeds I came across an article entitled Women Scared To Appear Bossy, Assertive. It was a Déjà vu experience for me. I attended a seminar yesterday and sat at a table with six women, a CFO, an attorney, 3 HR managers and a counselor. As I listened to their conversations they started talking about being perceived as being “too bossy.” The situations generally revolved around telling older, and mostly male, employees the correct or legal way to do something. Each of them hated, and were angry at, these situations. They despaired at how much more difficult they thought it made their jobs.
I was once told that I needed to be nicer by a female colleague. I protested that I was not being mean. She said I was indeed not being mean, I was just too brutally honest. I did not have a problem with that. I can be direct and to the point. I am ok with being that way. So when listening to these women despairing about being perceived as being too bossy my thought was “so what?” If you are right then stand your ground! Who cares if you are being bossy, especially if you are the boss? As my favorite mentor says “Get over it.”
What is the alternative? If you don’t stand your ground you get seen as being a pushover who can’t make a decision. That is worse for your career.
But remember I am not a woman.

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