A great resource for hiring veterans

veterans-day[1]I come from a family with a lot of military service in its history going back to the Civil War up to present day. Being in a military family can be tough. Being a veteran can be tougher, especially with PTSD. An unemployed veteran has even more stress.

A great resource

There are many great resources for hiring veterans, but one in particular stands out. Headed by Ted Daywalt, himself a disabled veteran, VETJOBS.com has resources for employers, veterans and for spouses. Currently they have over 174,000 jobs posted.
In addition to resources Daywalt is also great on keeping his readers informed. I just today received a newsletter on the unemployment situation for veterans. In this newsletter Daywalt discusses the unemployment situation in the country and then compares it to that of veterans.
Fortunately Daywalt reports that due to the OFCCP’s regulations for Federal Contractors “there is fierce competition developing by companies seeking to hire qualified veterans who meet their needs due to the new OFCCP benchmark. Many companies want veterans as a disabled veteran can be counted for the veteran benchmark and the individuals with disabilities benchmark which OFCCP set at 7.0%.” As a result the unemployment rate for veterans is generally lower than for the general population.
There is one major exception. The unemployment rate for women veterans is higher than for women in general, 5.7% compared to 5.2%. The unemployment rate for Black veterans, while lower than the general Black population according to BLS figures, is still higher than all other veteran categories at 10%. Hopefully the OFCCP efforts will help solve these imbalances.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice however, to not have to rely on the government to solve veteran employment issues? These are people with skills or the ability to learn skills that could be valuable assets. Consider hiring a veteran and if you do visit VetJobs.com as a great resource. I would also recommend you sign up for Daywalt’s newsletter, which you can find in the lower right corner of the website. You can also LIKE their Facebook page and get great information.

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