Future Friday: Beyond Google Glass in the world of HR

A bionic contact lens as a tool for HR?
A bionic contact lens as a tool for HR?

When Google Glass first came out people were very interested. Naturally there were naysayers and there have been many announcements that Google Glass is dead. On the other hand there were fans and pronouncements that Google Glass is alive and kicking. I thought it could be a great tool for the Human Resources professional and gave an example of how in Future Friday: Wearable Computers as a tool for HR? Many people objected to its aesthetics. Many people objected to its intrusiveness. But, what if there was an alternative that fixed at least some of those problems? Would you be interested?

Restyled and retooled

One way people have moved to fix Google Glass and competitive devices is to restyle them and make them more “eye-appealing”. (Yes, the pun was intended.) They are making them look more like regular eyeglasses thus eliminating the “robot” look and also easing concerns about intrusiveness. Of course the intrusiveness is still there people just don’t know it. If it was less apparent that you had such a device on would you be more likely to wear it? What about if it went one step further?

Smaller and invisible

One of my favorite futurist, Michio Kaku, has said he believes that such a device will be available in a contact lens. This lens would contain a microchip and be able to present information and images to the wearer with just the blink of an eyelid. “You will blink and be able to create any imaginary scenario you want. If you’re an architect you can walk through the building you’re designing. Move objects around and have them immediately printed out on a 3D printer” as he told Manufacturer’s Monthly. This same ability available to an architect would also be available to a Human Resources professional. Imagine an entire employee file available at a blink so that when you encounter the employee you have complete information on them and can handle any situation that may need resolution.
If it was available and the cost was negligible would you use it? Why or why not? If you answer to the positive what uses do you think you could imagine?

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