4 Team Building Activities That Give Back to the Community

Volunteering can boost employees.
Volunteering can boost employees.

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For a company’s morale, it is important to periodically host team building exercises. To build an engaging rapport and trust between employees, leaders should consider connecting team building with an emphasis on charitable organizations.
Here are four ways to team build and give back to community:

Build a Home

A great way to build team spirit and give back to the community is to complete a project that focuses on the outdoors. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity allow corporations and their employees to choose a day for people to build, renovate or repair a home in the community. Participants will have to work together in a non-office setting to determine if they can communicate effectively to build parts of the house or complete a renovation.
This activity allows employees to learn about their strengths that aren’t necessarily visible in an office environment and challenge teams to work on a project that is outside of their comfort zone.

Charity Rides

The biking community is a tight-knit group of people who work together and build trust within their network. Employees can learn from their example. A group motorcycle ride might be an option for corporations to consider to build increased communication among their employees.
This is an excellent way for employees to assess their own personal skills and nominate others who they believe have the leadership and technical skills to lead a motorcycle charity race. Some popular charity races that corporations can participate in includes Ride for Kids, a charity that raises money for children with brain tumors and Tour of Honor, a self-paced motorcycle race that honors veterans. There is nothing like the open road to help employees learn about one another and work cooperatively for a good cause.

Operation Backpack

Organizations like Volunteers of America provide low-income children with backpacks and supplies to help them succeed in school. Employees can organize a scavenger hunt and forms teams to discover hidden school supplies that are in the building as a way to make it a fun way to engage with their colleagues. By making children the focus, teams are more apt to bond over trying to make a larger purpose their supreme goal. This activity could be a great way to pacify office politics and allow employees to step away from highlighting petty differences of opinion in their day-to-day work.

C.A.S.T. for Kids

Employees can get out of the office and get outside by participating in the Catch a Special Thrill (C.A.S.T.) for kids program. This event was designed to create a safe environment for kids ages five to 18 to experience a day of fun on the water. The events helps to encourage skill development and a love for the outdoors. Volunteers that will be out on the water should first obtain a boating license and safety certification to ensure that they meet all laws and requirements before hitting the water. Online resources such as BOATERexam can help. Preparation and planning for this event takes between six and eight months and this project requires fundraising.
There are numerous ways to bond together outside of the office and also participate in a good cause. Thinking outside of the box and learning to work with your colleagues by focusing on a charity is a great way to build rapport and also give back to your community.

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