Two reviews of HR solutions for small businesses (continued)

JuvodHRYesterday I reviewed a solution for doing reference checks easily and inexpensively. Today I review a solution for conducting performance reviews easily and inexpensively.


JuvodHR was created by Peter Spevacek and Susan Mravca because tools to help hire, manage and review employees were not available to small companies. Most solutions were geared toward much larger organizations. So Spevacek and Mravca created a solution that provides an evaluation system that is easy to use and very affordable.
In this software, in the cloud, you can find pre-written job descriptions based on the powerful O*Net system. These descriptions can easily be customized to specifically meet your need. When I say easy I am talking real simplicity. A simple click of the mouse will get you the customized job description you need. They can be further tailored to specifically match the particular job or employee as your desire.
Designed for companies with fewer than 100 employees the system gives you a way to create and store all the documentation needed for effective performance review. It allows you to create corrective action reports in addition to reviews. You are supplied with guidance on what to say to the employee.
You are not restricted by the software or the cost to the dreaded “annual review”. In fact you can utilize this as often as it works for you. My philosophy is that effective performance evaluation is an ongoing process and not a single event and this software works well for that. The pricing is per capita and is very reasonable.
If you struggle with performance evaluation, as do many small companies, I think this solution will provide you with an effective method of giving good feedback to employees. I highly recommend you check it out at JuvodHR.
Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this company and I have not been compensated for this review. I am, however, thinking of offering this to my clients.

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