Two reviews of HR solutions for small businesses

Rillate_Logo 2In my HR experience I have found there are two activities that small businesses don’t do particularly well. These are reference checking and performance evaluation. I was recently introduced to two solutions that I feel work very well for small and midsized businesses. I will review them in order of how they would occur in the workplace.

Making sure you candidate is who they say they are

Background and reference checks are important parts of your hiring process. They are critical to ensuring you are getting the quality employee you desire. There are two parts to this process. The first is checking criminal records, driving records and credit records, as appropriate to the position. There are numerous providers for this. The second part of this process is actually checking references. These are people who have worked with the candidate and can offer observations on the actual work performance and character of the candidate. HR departments are usually tasked with this process, but in small companies this often gets over looked. This is where a solution provider named Rillate comes in.
Rillate operates under the principal that references should be checked early in the hiring process. They ask “why go through the time and effort of interviewing only to have your efforts shot down by bad references.” Therefore they offer and easy and inexpensive process to get the needed information. Here is what makes it easier. They get your candidate’s name and email. They then have the candidate sign a release and provide names and emails of references, preferably supervisor, co-workers, and customers. They then construct a set of questions for these references. These questions are designed to test the veracity of the reference by including questions about information that is known to be false. This keeps any references that are confederates of the candidate from providing untruthful pieces of information. If they confirm something known to be false then that reference is discounted. And they do all this at prices that are very inexpensive. They will also verify degree information.
If reference checking has been something you are not doing I would encourage you to do so. The quality of your hires will improve. And I encourage you to check out Rillate to help you with this process.
The next solution deals with performance evaluation and will appear in tomorrow’s blog post.
Disclaimer: I have no financial interest nor have I received any compensation for this review.

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