Are you ready to comply with the OSHA reporting deadline?

Make sure you 300 logs are post by February 1, 2015
Make sure you 300 logs are post by February 1, 2015

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has made some changes recently. Are you ready to comply with them? Are you ready to meet the February 1 posting deadline? Here is what you have to do.
Effective January 1, 2015
As of the first of the year a new reporting requirement went into effect. I hope none of you failed to comply. If you did that means you had some serious safety situations. As of now you have to report you have to report any work-related fatality within 8 hours. That is not changed. What has changed is that you also have to report ANY inpatient hospitalizations within 24 hours. That is a change. Old regulations did not require you to report unless there where three hospitalizations. Also required is to report any amputation or loss of an eye within 24 hours. This requirement applies to ALL businesses even those that have an exemption under normal OSHA requirements.
By the way there is an NEW list of industries and businesses that have an exemption from NORMAL reporting. You can find that list in Non-Mandatory Appendix A to Subpart B — Partially Exempt Industries.
Posting deadline
The normal OSHA form 300 Part A, which is where every injury or illness you experienced in 2014, has to be up and visible to all employees as of February 1, 2015. It must remain posted until April 30th. Lest you think “Well I didn’t have any injuries or illnesses so I don’t have to post it” you would be sadly mistaken. That form needs to be posted even if you had nothing to put on it. It must be there to report ZEROS. In reality, if you have nothing to report you want to make sure all your employees know this by putting that report with all those goose eggs up for everyone to see.
If you are involved in the construction of electrical transmission and distribution installations there is a new set of regulations that go into permanent place on February 17, 2015. Those can be found here. It is over 1600 pages so you may want to pay attention.
There you have it. Get those safety reports finalized and put on the bulletin board. No need to get a fine for paperwork.

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