Carnival of HR for January 2015

hr carnival smallYesterday Steve Browne, who is one of the big men in HR, literally and figuratively, published the Carnival of HR: Make HR better edition. I had written this post for that carnival, HR would be better if: Seven step to improve self-esteem, but I must have submitted the wrong link. Therefore in reading this carnival please include my post if you have not already read it.
Steve’s theme was “how can we make HR better.” He got an outpouring of opinions because, if nothing else, everyone in HR has an opinion on how we can improve HR. He received 48 submissions! There are some excellent posts here from some excellent writers, many I have read and others are new to me. I am still wading through the posts myself.
Hustle on down to the midway and open this carnival up at Everyday People Carnival of HR Edition. 

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    • I am not sure of you question, but I will answer it this way. HR should train employees on a number of things. Changes in policy and procedures is one area. Some states require that companies provide training in sexual harassment awareness and in safety procedures. HR should also be involved in supervisory training, teaching newly promoted supervisors about, not only their legal obligations, but also in conducting performance discussions. Hope this answers your question.

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