Omega HR Solutions turns 15.[1]Fifteen years ago three of us started out on a venture that we called Omega HR Solutions, Inc. Our mission was to provide HR services to small and mid-sized companies. We were part of an insurance brokerage idea. Five years ago two of us took Omega HR Solutions and moved out on our own to focus exclusively on the HR business. We celebrate that birthday.
There are two of us involved with Omega HR Solutions. I am the face of Omega HR Solutions. I produce the content, delivering the consulting, do the webinars, do the speaking and answer the HR questions. Paul Brayton, is my behind the scenes partner. He helps with the administrative aspects and acts as a sounding board for ideas, all while maintaining his own insurance business, in association with the Providence Insurance Group. That is why his LinkedIn profile is linked to the website.
We plan to have many more birthdays, but we hope you join us in celebrating this 15th birthday. Not a bad way to start the New Year of 2015. Happy New Year to all of you.

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