Future Friday: The future for the young may be in the old

There will be many jobs available in dealing with an aging population.
There will be many jobs available in dealing with an aging population.

If you are a young person looking for a job or if you are a parent helping a child decide on a career you may want to have them look at working with an aging population. There will be plenty of opportunity in dealing with the over 65 crowd. By the way that is a big crowd.

Not all medical

We all know the demographics, so I am not going to repeat them, other than to say there are going to be A LOT of older people in America. There will be numerous career options for working with older Americans. Naturally these include the medical fields of dealing with diseases of the elderly, especially Alzheimer’s and arthritis. The medical devices field will be big, especially hip and knee replacements. Drug development and dispensing will be big fields as well. But it is not just these medical fields that will need people.
Certainly retirement facilities and assisted living care will be big. These facilities not only need people who provide the daily care but jobs in administration, marketing, food service, facility maintenance and transportation.

Community living

There are however a large number of people in their 70s and 80s and even beyond who do not want to live in a facility, regardless of how nice it may be. Many aging baby boomers have taken good care of themselves and desire to continue to live in their homes and want to do so into the future. According to Jenny Wagner, of The Beaver County Times, there is now a movement of communities to establish membership organizations, like the one “founded in 2001 by a group of residents in Boston’sBeacon Hill neighborhood as an alternative to retirement and assisted-living facilities. Through volunteers and a small staff, the organization provides older adult members with services and resources such as transportation, referrals, and social and wellness programs.” There are now more than 120 of these “villages” around the country and growing bigger every day.

What will be available?

Numerous jobs will be available in these village concepts. These will include:

  • Drivers
  • Marketers
  • Wellness consultants
  • Exercise specialists
  • Administrative support
  • Management
  • Planners
  • Grant writers
  • Teachers (yes old people want to learn)
  • Computer/social media/mobile trainers
  • Even some HR jobs will be available

Many of these jobs will be able to be done by freelancers. Many of these villages will be able to be started by entrepreneurs.
Put your thinking caps on and you may be able to create your own job and help people at the same time.  The future for the young may truly be in the old.

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