Future Friday: What if your office drove you to work?

What if your office handled your commute?
What if your office handled your commute?

I am not talking about a car pool here. I am talking about your office, at least a part of it, actually picking you up and driving you to work while you sat and worked. Would you be interested? With the advent of driverless vehicles that may become a possibility.

The commute to the office reimagined

We have all heard about driverless cars and trucks already being tested. The arguments for them are they will be safer and cause less congestion on the road. At the same time this is occurring companies are looking for ways to make employees more productive and allow employees to work less for an important work-life balance. What if we could combine those two concepts?
The Palo Alto, California based company IDEO, an amazing imagination company, has reimagined the way driverless vehicles might look. The one that caught my eye and imagination is one they call “WorkonWheels.” This is something they call “inverse commuting” and they say “Instead of traveling to an stationary office, your self-driving work space will come to you.”


WorkonWheels can be configured to meet the size and demands of your team. They can be programmed to go anywhere you need or want to get to in order to work better. You can pick everyone up at their homes or meet at a central location. Need a day in the woods for inspiration? Off you go while you get the day started. Want an ocean view, assuming you are near one, you got it. Need to go to a client’s location? Why not work on the way?


There are several advantages to this concept. One it cuts down on a company’s need for permanent office space or at least as much as they currently have. A company could own a fleet of these vehicles or they could lease them from some enterprising entrepreneur and avoid the equipment costs. At the end of the day you have no driver whose sole focus is the road, just people working on the core business. The vehicle returns itself to a docking station and recharges itself for the next day’s business. It also overcomes some of the disadvantages of telecommuting by allowing actual face-to-face interactions.
I don’t know about you but that certainly would change the nature of commuting to work. Anyone game?
Photo credit: Wired Magazine/IDEO

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