Two Carnivals for the Price of One

ID-1001290 Image courtesy of Nathan Greenwood at FreeDigitalPhotosnetTwo carnivals were published yesterday that you should pay attention to. If you don’t know what a blog “carnival” is it is a, generally, monthly collection of blog posts compiled in one place by someone who volunteers their time and effort to put everything in a readable and coherent format. I have done it before and it takes time. Sometimes they have a theme, as does one of the carnivals does this time, other times there is no theme.

Carnival of HR

This a collection of human resources blog posts. This time it was hosted by Blake McCammon at Blogging4Jobs. In this Carnival you find out about leadership, work and life, and despite Laurie Ruettimann’s assertion of its lack of existence, Company Culture. Lastly there are some posts on organizational structure, where one of my posts was included. One I found particularly interesting is the post on The Humor MAP.

The Employment Law Blog Carnival

This is generally a collection of lawyer blogs and occasional HR bloggers who write on legal subjects as do I. This one is themed the Black Friday edition. Every blog post here has to do with something black. Find out how host Ari Rosenstein ties together blackballed, Black Label, black sheep, blacklisted, calling the kettle black and Black Cherry Rum, which happens to sound good. This carnival can be found at CPEhr’s Small Biz HR Blog.
These two blog carnivals are an easy way for you to get some great information in two easy to find places. Talk about productivity!

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