Happiness As Precursor To Success: Employee Perks That Will Change Your Corporate Culture

Happy employees are productive employees.
Happy employees are productive employees.

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The traditional model of success is all wrong, says researcher, educator and author Shawn Achor in his book “The Happiness Advantage.” While we used to think that once we were successful—at work, at home, at life—then we would be happy. But, the opposite is in fact true. Happiness is the precursor to success.
Happier employees lead to more successful employees. And, successful employees typically add more to the bottom line. So, what are things you can do to make your employees happy?

Provide Gym Memberships

Benefits of exercise include the obvious things like improved health, strength and balance as well as reduced feelings of depression. It also may improve a person’s ability to plan activities, quickly shift focus between activities and ignore irrelevant information—all very helpful skills when making decisions during a work day.
A more compelling statistic for business is a study that showed that every dollar spent on worksite wellness had a sixfold return on investment in healthcare claim costs to the company, which, in this day of rising healthcare costs, is not insignificant to a company’s bottom line. If you don’t have the ability to build a gym right in your office, or if you cannot hire personal trainers to work with employees through the day, consideroffering free gym memberships to your team. Most importantly, encourage leaders from the top down to utilize the service so employees understand that health and wellness are part of your corporate culture.

Purchase Tablets or Smartphones

Employers who offer a choice in when and where to work have employees who are 12 percent more satisfied with their jobs, claims a 2013 Gensler study. By providing employees with tablets or smartphones, employees are more likely to rank their companies as innovative and be more satisfied with their jobs. Beyond this, providing employees with a platform to connect with their friends and family will allow them to keep in touch with their vital social network outside of office hours. The more a person feels they have social support, the less likely they are to feel depressed or anxious—things which can hinder productivity.

Encourage Headphones

Research shows that among workers exposed to ambient noise, blood pressure is often elevated, and chronically high blood pressure increases the risk for heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. Especially for workers with complex jobs, exposure to high noise reduced their job satisfaction levels.
If closed-door office space is not an option for everyone, consider providing noise-cancelling headsets for employees who prefer focusing on projects in silence. You also could boost morale by allowing employees who prefer working with music to listen through regular headsets, thereby allowing them what they need without disturbing the environment for others.

Encourage Volunteering

The Corporation for National & Community Service combed through research to show that older volunteers are most likely to receive greater health benefits when they volunteer over 40 hours a year. Furthermore, the cycle of volunteering and physical well being are part of a positive reinforcing cycle. If allowing your employees to get paid leave to volunteer for a full week is not an option for your company, consider instituting a mentoring program within the company. Pair older, more experienced employees with relative newcomers, and encourage them to go out to lunch together, meet for coffees and share experiences and challenges that they face. Research has shown that social support including career mentoring is one of the most predictive of job satisfaction and job tenure.
My comment: My wife works for a company that definitely encourages volunteering. She was impressed with that from the beginning and participates in every opportunity that is presented. It makes her proud to work for such a company. Your employees may feel the same way. 

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