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logo-180w-1xI received an email that started off “What if I told you that you could help 23 million people today?” I knew it was not junk mail because I recognized the name of the company. So it intrigued me and I looked further into this subject. This blog post is the result, because I too would like to offer you the same opportunity.

It is all about employment

It turns out that this email was all about employment, employment of people who have IDD. What is IDD you ask? It stands for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and unfortunately 85% of the people in this category do not have jobs. Talk about an area of woeful unemployment. The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and Best Buddies International have developed a research report that explores the benefits of employing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The bottomline of the report is that firms that hire people with IDD see clear business benefits.

How firms gain

The research study, Employing People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, is based on data collected from more than 200 organizations around the world and features case studies from leading employers including Fifth-Third Bank, Natixis, Holland & Knight, Seyfarth Shaw, Silicon Valley Bank, and Walgreens.
Here are some of the results from this report:

  • Firms hire people with IDD for business reasons and are rewarded with business benefits. Nearly 60% of survey respondents stated that by hiring people with IDD, they gained dependable, motivated employees who are good talent matches. Additionally, 44% said they have also increased customer satisfaction as a result of hiring people with IDD.
  • The profile of a worker with IDD reads like that of an ideal employee. Descriptors of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities include: dependable, engaged, motivated, great attendance, attention to work quality, and high productivity.
  • Positive reactions from employers abound. Nearly 75% of employers report this hiring has been a positive experience. Nearly one-third said that hiring people with IDD has exceeded their expectations.
  • Challenges are fewer than expected and resources are greater than anticipated. Employers find that challenges were less than they thought, and resources needed are, indeed, available.

The campaign

The campaign to make employers aware of this potential source of candidates is called “I’m in to Hire”. More information about the campaign can be found at or at their Facebook page
You can download the entire report HERE and see what benefits your company might gain by participating in this effort. It won’t hurt you to read more.

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