Why I have written 1500 blog posts

1500 PostsToday I am posting the 1500th post on my blog. I get asked why I continue to write as much as I do. I figured with this post I would briefly answer this question.

A little history

As I noted about a week and a half ago my blog just turned nine years old. I originally started to write once a week and was doing just because I wanted to try it out. I started on Blogspot as a free blog. It was called HR Observations. When a couple of years later I switched over to WordPress and folded it into Omega HR Solutions HR Observations’ name sort of got lost. We goofed and lost some of our branding. Today most people just refer to it as Omega HR Solutions. Despite that I am still making HR observations.
What I write about
If you are a consistent reader you know that I write about a wide variety of Human Resource related articles. That is because of my background as a generalist. The largest percent of my posts deal with compliance issues, particularly wage and hour issues and EEO issues. I also deal with talent issues, hard to get away from my 10 years as a recruiter, but there are a lot of fellow bloggers who are in that area. Few others write about the “non-sexy” area of HR compliance.
My most recent passion if the Future of HR. To that end every Friday post is a Future Friday. I try to stimulate people to pull their heads up from the day-to-day stuff they are dealing with and consider something that is headed toward them. The future arrives much quicker that most of us are prepared to deal with and I want to get people to at least start thinking about it.

Why I write

I write for several different reasons:

  • I hope to inform
  • I hope to explain the difficult
  • I hope to stimulate minds
  • I hope to stimulate by consulting practice
  • I hope to stimulate some speaking opportunities
  • I hope to continue to learn myself
  • But lastly I do it because I enjoy it.

I hope you will continue to read my stuff. I hope you will inform others about my blog. There are ways you can do that, such as, by sending it out through social media by clicking one of the buttons underneath here.
I don’t mind people referring to it in their blogs or even quoting me, although I would appreciate some attribution.
Most of all I hope you continue to learn from my writing and as a result you do “better HR.” I just want to help do my part for a profession I have been in 38 years.
See you at 2000.

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