Awesomeness at the Employment Law Blog Carnival

The Employment Law Blog Carnival
The Employment Law Blog Carnival

I am not an attorney… but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express… so that has entitled me to be included in this month’s Employment Law Blog Carnival. There is some great stuff in this Carnival that is hosted by Phillip Miles at Lawffice Space. Some of the topics include:

  • The difference between being a drunk and being an alcoholic
  • Millennials ¬†fighting sexual harassment
  • How states are cracking down on misclassification
  • Pleading your case under the FLSA
  • How to swear about your boss on Facebook and get away with it
  • Why job references are important
  • The effect the National Labor Relations Act has had on loyalty
  • Did you hear about the one where OSHA walks into a store or warehouse… oh wait that isn’t a joke
  • and much, much more.

So saunter on over to the Lawffice Space and read The Awesomely Bad/Awesome Employment Law Blog Carnival


On another note, I was talking to a few other HR folks the other day about training and we all agreed that most American companies to a poor job of training. We do OK with technical skills but do a very poor job on leadership and management training. To that end Omega HR Solutions has worked out a deal, and I mean a steal of a deal, for a huge discount on training. Our partner, MindEdge, is offering a 30% discount if you sign up through us and do so by October 25th, 2014. You can browse around and also sign up by clicking on the MindEdge promo in our sidebar to the right of this blog.
Just reading some of the stuff that happens in the Law Blog Carnival makes it very apparent that managers and supervisors could use a lot, and I mean A LOT, of training. So take advantage of this great opportunity.

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