What can a disabled comedian teach HR?

A favorite speaker and host of a weekly video, Marie Forleo, posted a video the other day that moved me. I usually find Marie’s guests very interesting. She has guests on that talk about things like making habits stick, how to be successful, how to overcome jealousy, the fear of success, how to continually come up with great ideas and a myriad of other things geared toward making your life better. I have posted another video of hers here.
Marie is not in HR. She is the founder of MarieForleoTV and a very successful entrepreneur. She delivers messages on a variety of subjects that are always informative and entertaining. I subscribe to her videos and always find them helpful. This one in particular has a valuable lesson. I found it to be moving. Her guest is Maysoon Zayid, a comedian who is also disabled. She does her routines around being a woman, being a Muslim woman, being a disabled person and around life in general. One of her lines is “I have cerebral palsy. I shake all the time,”I’m like Shakira meets Muhammad Ali.” She has done TED talks and created the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival.  But as she told her story I was shocked at some of the things she revealed about how she has been treated by some of her audiences, not her comedy audiences but the TED audiences. It is a lesson for all HR people in how biases, discrimination and hurtful language can come from groups you would not expect.
I defy you to watch this without learning a lesson and even being moved by her life experience.

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