Future Friday: Is the Robotic Future Good or Bad?

I watched the following video because the original title was “Futurist warns robots may one day kill us as an act of kindness. Well the title did what it was intended to do and capture my attention. It turns out the futurist, Nell Watson, the  CEO of Poikos, did mention that in about the last minute of her presentation. But prior to that she give a very interesting talk on how we are getting to the stage of having robots that will be able to render judgment on humans. Along the way she talks what some of the hurdles are and what jobs might be the longest lived. I have talked about this numerous times in my Future Friday posts, such as, Future Friday: Being Human in a Machine Age. The key is to determine what is the “human” component of our jobs and trying to preserve that as long as possible.
In the meantime watch the approximately 15 minute video of Watson’s talk. It is very interesting.

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