Happy 9th Birthday to my Blog!

HR Observations is NINE
HR Observations is NINE

HR Observations at Omega HR Solutions turned NINE on August 31. I must admit, when I first started I really did not expect to still be doing this nine years later. During that time I have posted 1485 posts. Wow nearly 1500 posts!
I will admit not all the posts are mine. I have accepted guest writers on occasion. I get offered some good content that I use from outside sources, but generally only 2 or 3 per month are from the outside. I have repurposed material mostly because the subjects don’t go out of fashion and if the material was good a couple of years ago it should be good now.

Writing about the future

I have added a regular feature called Future Friday where I talk about things that I think HR professionals should be paying attention to in order to be prepared for the coming years. I occasionally do a book review, or publish a podcast or even post a video. The majority of what I do however is publish written content on HR compliance subjects.

Compliance subjects

Many HR bloggers don’t write about that stuff. It is not “sexy” like talent recruitment or popular like metrics and data. I write about the daily grind of HR. The stuff, that if ignored, will bite you in the butt, cost your company money and may cost you your job. I hope that I may have saved some of you that fate by making you aware of pending legislation or regulation.

Other writing

In addition to HR Observations at Omega HR Solutions I also write for two other sites. The first of these is the brain child of Jessica Miller-Merrell. I write generally about once a week, now typically on the “future.” I have produced almost a 100 post for Blogging4Jobs.com. I also write for eSkill.com about once a month. Then I have also done some guest posting on other sites.
Lest you think that is all I do, I also run a full time consulting business, appear as a host and interviewer on several radio shows under Todd Schnick’s Dreamland umbrella. One show just getting off the ground is Naked HR Radio.
I also teach for the University of Georgia’s Professional and Continuing Education. With two other institutions I have been teaching HR certification classes for 17 years.
Oh, and I do the occasional speaking gig. You can find me on Twitter under @mikehaberman or @HRComplianceGuy or @NakedHRRadio.


So have a slice of cake and grab a glass of bubbly and help me celebrate my blogging birthday.

3 thoughts on “Happy 9th Birthday to my Blog!”

  1. Mike,
    Congratulations on 9 years! Your posts and commentary, while not always what folks want to hear, is thought provoking, spot on for what HR professionals need to hear and read and provides great ideas and thoughts to carry forward in our organizations in the day to day struggles we face.
    All the best for continued success and I look forward to continued insightful reading and listening.

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