Is AGE the hidden area of discrimination?

Age and treachery
I heard an interesting and quick discussion on whether Silicon Valley is ageist. We all know that Silicon Valley is not very diverse, or to use today’s language it is not “inclusive.” It is primarily White or Asian male under the age of 30. The two presenters also noted that there is not a lot of diversity as far as age is concerned either.
They pointed out that age data is not collected by the EEO as it is for race and gender. They wondered why, as do I. I took a quick look at the census data for 2010. At that time people between the ages of 45 and 65 made up about 29% of the population. If you added those between 40 and 45 and those over 65 you get well over 35%.
At that number the only larger EEOC protected category is Women, on which data is collected through the EEO-1. No age data is collected through the EEO-1. With the fact that the population is aging, especially Baby Boomers, perhaps they should.
You as an employer should certainly be aware of the ages of you employee population and if the over 40 worker is underrepresented you should try to make sure that the reason is not discriminatory.

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