Why you should take vacation

vacationLabor Day is one week away. It generally signals the end of the summer. That means you have this week to get that summer vacation in. Of course if you are reading this it is probably too late. That means you will most likely trudge along and suffering from the same thing that 42% of American workers suffer from.


Emmie Martin, writing in Business Insider, reports that 42% of U.S. workers leave three days of vacation time on the table. As a result they end up being less productive than employees who take all their vacation. Many of us are too buried at work and so far behind that we feel guilty taking vacation. Many employees fear their bosses will see them as “less than dedicated” if they take vacation. Of course most of the bosses take their vacations. Heck, even the President of the US takes vacation. It is important.


The benefits of vacation are many. They include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased productivity (before and after vacation)
  • Better attitudes
  • Better health
  • Better relationships

Martin reports that “a Cornell University study revealed that employees at insurance company New Century Global who took consistent breaks performed 13% more accurately than those who worked straight through..”
The only logical conclusion you can come to reading this is that it is your obligation as an employee to take your vacation. In fact a Ernst & Young reported that for every extra 10 hours of vacation taken performance went up by 8%.
With those kinds of numbers you could almost be accused of disloyalty to the company for not taking your vacation. And managers you should realize you will get better employees the more vacation you give them.
If you have an employee who is not taking vacation be suspicious of them. They are likely to be hiding some underhanded activity.

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