Why Going Green Is a Great Idea in the Workplace

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While you might think that the only green your employees care about relates to how much money they make, it turns out that workers also are passionate about companies that are green in terms of the environment. In fact, businesses that are eco-friendly tend to have workers who are happier and more productive.
Talent Management cites a study conducted by Kenexa Research Institute that looked at the way employees felt about the companies they worked for in regards to their responsibility in various arenas. Businesses that took part in environmentally-friendly practices tended to have more engaged and active employees as well as a more positive business outcome overall. Workers whose employers followed environmentally-friendly practices were 16 percent more productive than employees who worked for less eco-friendly places, notes Fox Business. In addition to being more motivated to do well at work, these employees also tended to get more training and had better relationships with their co-workers.
Business owners who want to become more eco-friendly have plenty of options to choose from. While many companies have a plastic trash can or two where employees can toss their empty soda cans for recycling or boxes where workers can place old papers and magazines, there are other ways to make the office a greener workplace. For example, consider the following:

Offer Telecommuting

As anyone who gets stuck in traffic day in and day out knows quite well, it can be hard to arrive at work motivated and ready to go when you’ve already been sitting in your slow-moving car for an hour. One of the nicest ways to go green in the office is to offer telecommuting as an option to your employees, notes Tree Hugger. In addition to not using as much gas driving to and from work, with fewer employees in the office there will be a reduction in energy and water usage. If you are not quite ready to allow your entire workforce to work from home, you might consider trying it for part of the work week, or you can offer it as an incentive for a job well done.

Give Your Employees an Earth-Friendly Place to Relax

Since workers who are stressed out are not as likely to be as productive or happy as those who are calm and relaxed, you might consider giving your employees an eco-friendly place to take their breaks and chill out a bit. For example, Apple Rubber built a wellness area for their employees in the shape of a gorgeous gazebo. Built from environmentally-friendly products like an out-of-spec rubber roof and other recyclable materials, the gazebo is a strictly smoke-free and attractive hangout where employees can take a much-needed break from their day.

Change the Lights

One of the simplest ways to create a more eco-friendly workplace is to switch from incandescent bulbs to lights that are more energy-efficient, says Life Script. In addition, if your office has lots of natural light sources like large windows, encourage your employees to keep their overhead and desk lights off as much as they can.

Cut Back on Paper

When buying paper for your office’s printers, try to find recycled paper that has a large amount of what is called post-consumer content. Then, try to devise ways to use as little of this paper as possible. If you can afford it, consider buying a copier that prints on both sides and encourage your employees to re-use paper as scrap before sending it to the recycle bin. Avoid printing out tons of emails and other documents, and maybe reward the department that uses the least amount of paper each month with a nice lunch or a round of fancy coffee drinks.

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