Wellness and Gamification: A Podcast


At our Naked HR Radio site we interviewed Mike Tinney, President of FIX and Utilifit. His goal is to fight the epidemic of obesity in the US, and increasingly in the world, by getting people up and moving. Even if this movement is for a short period it can have a major effect on someone’s well-being.
FIX’s objective is to put preventative medicine and corporate wellness into a format that is fun, accessible and socially motivated for people of all fitness levels. Right now, more than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese, and a majority of the US economy is dependent upon service industries, which are predominantly comprised of sedentary desk jobs (75%). They do this primarily right now with Utilifit. It is a gamification program that gets you up out of your chair once an hour to do some light exercise, though you control the intensity of the exercise.
I use the program and have found it to be a great reminder. Because of a knee injury if I sit too long my knee gets stiff. Utilifit has been great to make me move. It also ties into my Fitbit and FitnessPal applications to give me a more rounded picture of my wellness. Utilifit can be used as single user, but the power of it comes from the entire company having access to it and getting some “healthy” competition going.
In our podcast, which you can listen to HERE Mike talks about Utilifit, his path to creating this program and his background in games.

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