SHRM Conference report from Monday

This conference is huge. The sheer numbers of people moving around can create roadblocks at the very popular sessions.
The first session on Monday I attended was delivered by Tim Sackett. He was telling the crowd what their CEOs want from them. He had some sage advice that included:
– Hire people that scare you because they will be better than you.
– Why can’t we simplify forms and not make people fill them out every year?
– Collect data on your competitors talent
– Don’t use the law as a hammer, offer advice on risk
– The CEO is often lonely. The CHRO could be a friend
– Say “yes” instead of “no”, it starts conversations
– Take on challenges no one else wants, even outside of HR
– Give your CEO a performance review
The keynote address was Tom Friedman of “The World is Flat” fame. He says the world is moving quick. Seven years ago Skype was a typo. His major message was “No one cares what you know. They want to know what you can do with what you know.” That is a strong message. Every job is being pulled in three directions. Up- because every job requires more skill. Pulled out- there are more ways to get it done. Pulled down- Many jobs are disappearing. He also said that AVERAGE is over. Someone or something will do a better job. It is tough to be an employee today. If you do routine work your job is gone. If you do non-routine work it had better be creative. Self-motivation is critical in this hyper-connected world. You have to be self-motivated, you won’t succeed if someone has to kick you in the butt.
Olivia Fox talked about charisma, which she says starts in your toes. Body language is important. The eyes are the most expressive. Focus on the color patterns in their eyes to really connect with people. Claiming space is a power move. Her session was well received.

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