The Near Future of HR: A Podcast by Mike Haberman


As I have mentioned before I am now one of the co-hosts of a new podcast show called Naked HR Radio. On that show we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of HR. This week I am the interviewed guest and I am talking about some of the “bad” at least in terms of some changes that may occur that will significantly alter the way HR has to do some of its work.
Here are some of the subjects I cover:

  • Current activity around the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Possible legislation that may pass in the next two years
  • The EEOC’s “Ban the Box” effort
  • Why it is important for HR to pay attention to the future
  • What is necessary to stand up to the hardnosed boss

2 thoughts on “The Near Future of HR: A Podcast by Mike Haberman”

  1. Nice podcast, Mike. Good insight into the political front and especially liked your prediction of the HR “smart door” concept. Thanks for sharing the podcast.

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