Future Friday: Here is our future

What our future may look like.
What our future may look like.

This is a brief post today. I just wanted to give you some ideas of what your future will look like according to Ray Kurzwell.  He has been hired by Google so they must think he knows something.
By the early 2020s, we will have the means to program our biology away from disease and aging. In fact Kurzwell thinks if you can stay healthy another 20 years we may find a cure for dying.
By 2030 solar energy will have the capacity to meet all of our energy needs. The production of food and clean water will also be revolutionized. We are not necessarily talking the ugly solar panels on our roofs. The technology of making roads and parking lots out of solar panels is the way to go.
By the early 2020s we will print out a significant fraction of the products we use including clothing as well as replacement organs. Just think you shoe lovers another pair on demand! And for you heavy drinkers… a new liver.
Within five years, search engines will be based on an understanding of natural language. This means we will not have to program or code. The computer will understand our language, how we talk. Hmmm… Siri with a Southern accent?
By the early 2020s we will be routinely working and playing with each other in full immersion visual-auditory virtual environments. By the 2030s, we will add the tactile sense to full immersion virtual reality. Now this will be the way to telecommute!
What do you think of this future? Excitement? Or trepidation?

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