Five Great Reads to Make Your Better in HR

Five great HR posts
Five great HR posts

Here are some great blog posts from other writers that I thought you might find instructive and helpful.
The first is from Jon Hyman at his Ohio Employers Law Blog. In Two cups, one termination Jon uses a case of theft that may seem trivial, after all it just involved two plastic cups, to tell us we need to understand which of our policies enforce what the company finds critically important.
In Has IBM Found a Way Around the OWBPA and Should Others Follow? Daniel Schwartz talks about what may be a creative way around the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act requirement of providing age information in a layoff or termination. Will this be a model to follow or not?
Jeff Nowak of FMLA Insights provides some much needed guidance on what to do with medical certifications. These are tricky situations for which Jeff outlines some steps that may help you as an employer deal with some leave abuse situations. Check out FMLA FAQ: Can an Employer Require a Doctor’s Note for Each Intermittent FMLA Absence?
Kris Dunn is always an interesting read. In this blog video he talks about recognizing the value in older workers and how to identify that value. It is work checking out. VIDEO: If You’re Looking for Undervalued Talent, You Might Find It With Older Workers…
Often today we are hearing about the value of job descriptions, USEFUL AND UP-TO-DATE job descriptions. Lucky you! Chuck Csizmar provides you with some direction on how to do a better job of creating them. Check out Winning With Job Descriptions.
These five blog posts should provide you with some valuable direction and information.

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