One big reason to have coffee in the workplace

Coffee will not only make employees more alter but  will also help them be more honest.
Coffee will not only make employees more alter but will also help them be more honest.

We all know that having coffee in the workplace contributes to employee alertness. Did you know that it also contributes to another employee trait that is highly desired in your employees. This trait is one big reason to make sure a pot of coffee is brewed for your people.


According to author Samantha Cole, writing in Fast Company, coffee in addition to helping people with alertness, focus, and memory also aids in honesty. She writes “According to a recent study, caffeine helps you resist pressure to act unethically at work.” It does so by counteracting the effects of sleep deprivation. Tired people have a greater tendency to act unethically. Researchers at three different universities report “Lack of sleep can lead to unethical behavior in the workplace … but the equivalent of a large cup of coffee can help sleep-deprived employees bolster their ability to control their behavior and resist unethical temptations” according to their new study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Being tired is not a good thing

Study after study has shown that tired employees make mistakes, are prone to accidents and now are more likely to engage in unethical behavior such as stealing. Behaviors that result from employees being very tired cost companies $200 billion annually. There are a number of remedies for fighting exhaustion in your workforce. These include:

  • Allowing naps
  • Flexible schedules
  • Less stressful environments
  • Shorter work hours
  • Culture changes (don’t let heavy work hours become a badge of honor)

But the researchers found that coffee may be the most effective absent the ability to make these changes.
So if you are striving for ethical behavior in the workplace make sure you always have a pot of coffee brewing!
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