4 Easy Ways to Increase Work Productivity

Productivity Improvement - Flat SeriesA study conducted by Atlassian found that employees spend only 60 percent of the average work day being productive. According to the same survey, the top three culprits for not getting work done are excessive emails, pointless meetings and constant interruptions. Fortunately, business owners and HR departments can implement several strategies to improve work productivity and decrease distractions.

Implement a Time Saving Email Program

On average, an employee checks his or her email 36 times in an hour and spends 15 minutes refocusing after handling incoming email. (1) Don’t let your employees waste time searching for a specific email conversation or someone’s email address ever again. Highrise, a web-based contact manager, helps keep email correspondence organized. Employees can add notes to emails received and share them with coworkers, make a list of upcoming tasks, track proposals, easily upload contacts and even create a dropbox for emails. Combining Highrise with your company’s email program can keep everything in one place and keep everyone on the same page.

Improve Meeting Productivity

With approximately 31 hours spent in unproductive meetings per month, a tool that schedules, plans and executes successful meetings is imperative in any business. With Doodle, scheduling meetings is easy; the app allows you to hold meetings during times and dates that most, if not all, employees are available, avoiding the problem of no shows. This tool also lets the meeting coordinator send reminders to those who haven’t signed up for an allotted time slot yet. To save even more time, consider holding virtual meetings over face to face ones. Meetings held online are typically more brief and to the point. WebEx allows organizations to meet and share ideas through video chat, digital whiteboards and desktop sharing.

Restore Lost Work with Cloud Backups

You’ve finally finished that ten page report, when you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten to save. Before you can click that magic button, your computer unexpectedly shuts down. We’ve all been there. Increase workforce productivity with file sync and regular backups. Enterprise online cloud backup solution from Mozy automatically backups documents and gives employees the ability to restore lost or deleted files, so they’ll never lose their work again. In addition, syncing across computers, tablets and smartphones makes it easier for your employees to gain access to important documents, without compromising security.

Change Office Space Layout

The way your workplace is set up can affect productivity, says TrendReports.com. Because humans are strongly affected by their environment, a comfortable, familiar and open space is necessary in the workplace. Opt for decor that adds coziness and turns your office into a welcoming area for employees. Google’s California headquarters, for example, look more like a luxury home than an office space. A well placed couch, plant, or painting can do wonders to your employees’ happiness and work quality. Furthermore, although an open layout encourages teamwork, private pods are ideal for those that prefer absolute silence while they work. You can accommodate both situations and boost efficiency by offering a variety of seating options in your office space.
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