Future Friday: Wearables – Making you employee an Ironman

I have written a number of times on wearable devices here and here for example. Most of these devices were small, like Google Glass, or made into clothing. There is, however, another entirely different kind of wearable such as the suit of armor that Ironman wears that can change a normal person into a super strong individual.


There is a whole new class of wearables that are available today or will be available in the next several years. These are devices that “wrap around” a body and provide capabilities to the individual they would not normally have, such as increased mobility and super strength. Some of these have been designed for military use. Others have been designed for helping people with disabilities gain some mobility they have lost.

Workplace applications

The potential workplace applications for such devices will be numerous. Super strength has industrial and material handling applications. But beyond that we may also be looking at devices that could be seen as being “reasonable accommodations” for people with disabilities to get jobs or to continue working. As time goes on and the cost of manufacturing such devices becomes cheaper the “reasonable” aspect will be come more difficult to argue against.
Think about this as you watch this 3 minute video on these devices.

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