Mobile Technologies Improve Employee Productivity

Making it mobile helps employees work better.
Making it mobile helps employees work better.

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Approximately 91 percent of small businesses use mobile technologies to support their businesses, according to a Research and Markets’ Mobile Solutions Study. When setting up a new office space, adopt mobile technologies, including devices, applications, management, and security and consulting services. Adoption of mobile apps for employees, such as email, calendars and customer relationship management (CRM), has increased by 20 percent since 2012. Use of customer-facing mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites enabling customers to schedule appointments, make payments, and access customer service is also on the rise.
The rise in mobile productivity is driven by smartphones and tablets. A January 2014 Pew Internet Project’s mobile technology research report indicated that 55 percent of adults own a smartphone and 42 percent of adults own a tablet. Clearly, whether you’ve addressed this trend or not, your workforce is already mobile. These devices enable them to meet a variety of situations specific to their job and your business.


Mobile technology enables your employees to use company data and resources from any location. If your employees travel to business meetings, make sales calls, work from a customer’s office, or work from home, their smartphones will keep them connected to company resources and keep them productive.
Moving into a new office space can be present you and your employees with many challenges. Connectivity is one of those challenges. A new space may not provide you with the connectivity to your employees, vendors, and customers that is essential for business. Mobile technology allows you to maintain that connectivity in real-time. This means you can use employee time more efficiently, improve customer service, and deliver a greater range of products and services. It all amounts to increased productivity.

Accessories that boost productivity

Bluetooth headsets: Settling into a new office is a busy time. Often, the equipment hasn’t been installed on schedule or isn’t working properly. If conventional desktop phones aren’t working, employees will have to use their cell phones. Employees will take some calls from customers and vendors while sitting at their desks, but they can’t be at their desks at all times. On occasion, they have to leave the office. If a customer has to contact them at those times, will they have to leave a message? Every missed call equates to lost time while your employee tries to get back in touch with everyone whose calls they missed. A Bluetooth headset can ensure your employees never have to miss an important call.
Charging hub: What will happen if an employee arrives at the office and suddenly realizes their phone’s battery is almost dead? This affects how your business runs and puts affect employee productivity and potentially the productivity of your business as a whole. The solution to this problem is a charging hub. A charging hub allows employees to charge a variety of different cell phones, including the new iPhone 5s. This accessory can benefit the whole office and increase overall productivity.
Slingbox 500 for videoconferencing: If you have offices, clients, or associates in other cities, you are probably spending money to travel to those location for face-to-face meetings. Moving into a new office means you need all of your employees on deck. While those face-to-face meetings are sometimes necessary, your employee’s time can be spent more effectively in the office. The Slingbox 500 can save your business time and increase productivity by enabling employees to turn their smartphones into monitors for anytime videoconferencing.
Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard: You’ve moved into your new office space, but your office equipment hasn’t arrived. Without their computers, how will your employees work? Smartphones are little computers, but the touchscreen keyboards are awkward and you have to give up half of your screen when you want to enter data or text. A Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard gives employees the same feel they have with conventional keyboards along with increased function and productivity on their smartphones. This is another accessory that increases productivity by increasing your employees ability to multitask and work from any location.

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