Future Friday: HR job titles of the future?

The name “human resources” has long been derided as a bad term to describe what is actually done in terms of handling people within an organization. People object to being called resources. Of course we could always call it the “Human Assets Management” department but some how I don’t think that would be any more acceptable. Of course we would be the HAM department and ham is akin to bacon and everyone knows HR loves bacon! But I digress.
This line of thought got me to thinking about what some of the job titles of the future might be if we no longer had HR in the titles. With the advent of robots and AI there is a new realm of titles that could be used. Here are some of my suggestions:
Employee ethicist
Robotics ethicist
Human talent acquisition specialist
Robotics talent coordinator
Virtual reality training specialist
Artificial Intelligence Interface Specialist
Vice President of Human Talent
Nanobot Misuse Investigator
Director of Strategic Talent Use
These are just a few of the many that could and most likely will be created. Which appeals to you? Do you have a suggestion? Leave it in the comments.

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