Five Great posts to read to make you a better HR Manager


Five great HR posts plus  bonus.
Five great HR posts plus a bonus.

I wanted to point out to your five great blog posts that I think you should read. These posts will educate you, make you a better Human Resources professional and may even answer a question you have. They will certainly prepare you to answer some questions in the future.
First up is a post from Sindy Warren of Warren & Associates. She has a brief post with a heavy message. As a full-fledged member of the Baby Boom generation I know for a fact that age discrimination does exist and this post makes the point that age discrimination can be very, very expensive. Take a look at A $26 million verdict reminds us that ageism is as illegal as the other “isms”.
Next is a post from Nathan Whatley, a labor and employment attorney with McAfee & Taft. Nathan’s post shows two things that I think are significant. First is that quick remedial action by an employer can prevent or overturn judgments against employers. The second thing is that it shows that bigotry and stupidity cannot be easily erased and employers need to be constantly aware. Check out  Employer’s quick action bars racial harassment claim.
The third post I am recommending is by Richard Cohen in the Employment Discrimination Report. He offers views on both sides of the argument that an anti-bullying law is needed. Where do you fall on this scale? Weigh-in on the discussion after you have read Bullying Debate: “Do We Need To Wait For A Law?”
This fourth post is very interesting in that it points out that not every person that feels they would be better off with a union is a blue collar employee. The post is a little long, after all it is written by an attorney, but it points out many of the issues involved with union organization and why people organize. In this case the union member wannabes are lawyers. Interesting stuff at Lawyers Look To Unionize At Bloomberg Law by Joe Patrice.
The fifth post is also about labor and something all of you should be concerned about. Friend and colleague, Steve Browne, SPHR and the Executive Director of Human Resources for LaRosa’s, Inc. in Ohio, testified on behalf of SHRM and HR managers across the nation in a Congressional hearing on the use of the NLRB’s proposed “quickie election” format. Steve labeled the use of this as “a solution in search of a problem.” In addition to time the amount of employee information that would have to be given unions is also disturbing. His testimony and that of others is chronicled in TLNT’s NLRB’s Expedited Election Rule: “A Solution in Search of a Problem”. IT IS a MUST READ.
As a bonus I am also pointing out to you a blog post I wrote at Blogging4Jobs that has attracted some attention. In Privacy is Going to be a Major Employee Concern for the Future I talk about some of the issues that may arise as we use more and more technology in HR.
These six blog posts should offer you some good reading and education.

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