Future Friday: A great definition of “prediction” that will improve your business


Prediction works today and is not just a pipedream.
Prediction works today and is not just a pipedream.

In addition to writing every Friday on some aspect of the future that I think is important for HR people to pay attention to I also write a future orient post for Blogging4Jobs. The most recent post was Privacy is Going to be a Major Employee Concern for the Future. I also present a session and webinar called 7 Steps to being a Practical HR Futurist. (I will be presenting this at the Illinois SHRM Conference in August.)
The reason I mention this is that many people see this as an academic exercise of sorts that really has no practical import to them at the moment. Professor Irving H. Buchen, of Capella University, mentions a similar sentiment in his article Blundering to Success? Learning from Failure that appears in the most recent issue of The Futurist. He says that companies often do not see problems coming because they have a “fear of prediction.” He says that people see prediction as prophecy and they get uncomfortable with the idea of accepting and championing some something that may not actually occur. Buchen says that, in reality, prediction is really all about understanding root causes. He says the lesson is that we must understand what prediction really is in the context of business practice. His definition is:

Prediction is not prophecy; it is but a practical application of our understanding and experience of real events, projected to probable outcomes.

I give some tips on how you can put this to practice in my blog post Future Friday: Futurism in HR is not about tomorrow it is about today.

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