If You Saved that NLRB Poster You Can Now Throw it Away! Except for…


You can throw this away, unless you are a Federal contractor.
You can throw this away, unless you are a Federal contractor.

Back in 2012 we had the National Labor Relations Board announce that EVERY EMPLOYER must put up a poster informing their employees they had the right to engage in protected concerted activity. That poster was delayed a couple of times, as you can read here and here. Then the NLRB was taken to court to stop requirement and there were rulings by several courts that the NLRB did not have the power to force employers to post the Employee Rights poster.
On January 6, 2014 the NLRB put out a press release saying they have decided not to pursue an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States. So if you saved that poster waiting to see what the final ruling was going to be you can now throw it away.
Well not all of you can throw it away. If you are a Federal Contractor you still have to the Employee Rights poster available for your employees to read. Sorry, there are downsides to doing business with the government.
They did say in their press release that “The NLRB remains committed to ensuring that workers, businesses and labor organizations are informed of their rights and obligations under the National Labor Relations Act.  Therefore, the NLRB will continue its national outreach program to educate the American public about the statute.” To this end the poster remains available on the NLRB website, in 25 different languages, and they have created a mobile application for the iPhone and Android devices. Hmmm… I wonder how popular that app will be?

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