Have an Attendance Problem? Try this!

All of us have had an attendance problem. I mean that we have had an employee who is habitually late. How do you handle it?
Focus on the behavior
Rather than finding fault with the employee you handle attendance problems by determining what the problem is and getting the employee to take ownership of the problem. You do that by having a conversation and getting them to tell you what the problem is and why they are late.
Sometimes that reason is something that is best handled by referring them to the EAP. HR should not play psychologist, despite the fact that many of us have that as an undergraduate degree. Focus on the performance.
Sometimes the problem is simple. I had an employee who one time had a broken alarm clock. It took a bit of conversation to get him to realize that and to arrive at the solution that it was important to buy another clock. I wish I had been able to suggest on of the clocks below to him.
According to an article in Springwise, the ALARMclock uses personal metrics to wake you up. You can program it with how many days you have left to live or how much more money you have to survive on if you are not working. Hence the word alarm being in all CAPITAL letters. It is supposed to make you want to get out of bed in order to maximize your time left on earth.
A second clock, seen in the video below, is on wheels. I have told my classes about this one. When the alarm goes off, it jumps off your night stand and rolls away, making you get up to chase it. I doubt everyone ends up like the video but once you are up you may be likely to stay up.
(Note: I have no financial interest in either of these clocks. They are just potential tools for changing behavior.)

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