A Book Review of Predatory Thinking: A Podcast

The third podcast of Three Men and a Book focused on a book by Dave Trott, a copywriter based in the U.K. The book was Predatory Thinking, A Masterclass in Out-thinking the Competition. This was an interesting book, probably not one I would normally read. It is good, however, to read out of your normal genre. As it turns out there were many valuable lessons, some compelling stories, and some very good quotes.
Some good examples include:

  • Everything exists in context.
  • The definition of creativity is “Having an idea for something that doesn’t exist the shaping matter to make it exist.
  • We interpret things according to what we know.
  • Believability beats truth.
  • People are more concerned with filling time sheets instead of how well the work was done.
  • Until someone tells you something exists it doesn’t even exist as a possibility.
  • The mind works on “clustering.”
  • People make better selections if choices are limited.
  • Face the fear of whatever stops you. Usually that fear is what we think others will think.
  • We can’t be disruptive if we constantly seek permission.

My favorite quote was “If we can learn to ignore ourselves we can do anything we want.”
So listen in on our discussion and learn about this most interesting book.

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